Babirwa Wildlife

Founded in 2014 across the picturesque 2000ha in Rooiberg, Limpopo, Babirwa Wildlife has become home to the finest wildlife genetics across the country. Genetics sourced from the most reputable breeders in the world; Nyumbu Game, Lumarie, Tembani and Thaba Tholo has given the Babirwa Breeding Herds the quintessential genetic pool making Babirwa Wildlife a trusted breeder of the finest genetics.

With a strong philosophy of becoming a major contributor to the environment and biodiversity of our country the Babirwa Wildlife Team has an extended vision to be recognised as bringing value to the industry through ‘thought leadership’. Amongst being identified as a trusted breeder of the finest genetics through ethical and sustainable breeding practices.

We are proud members of WRSA & Wildlife Legacy


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We would like to wish you a happy new year from everyone at Babirwa Wildlife. May this coming year be a magnificent one!

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Enjoying some golf at Babirwa Wildlife! We all need a little down time sometimes...

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"It's easy to go with the crowd; it takes courage to stand alone."

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The Babirwa Wildlife family is expanding, with another beautiful heifer calf born from Pink 15-6.

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Game Species

The footprints above showcase the 7 different species of wildlife available from Babirwa Wildlife. Feel free to click the links provided to the image gallery further.